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Cremation Selections

When selecting a cremation service there are many different variables that will influence what merchandise selections you will have to make.

If it is your choice to have public viewing for your loved one, you will need to select a wooden casket for the viewing. The wooden caskets we offer range from elegant solid mahogany, cherry, sycamore and pecan to more modest oak, poplar, ash and pine. Following the viewing and funeral service, your loved one will be cremated in the casket you chose.

We offer a wide variety of urns and keepsake jewelry as well. The urns we offer range of ornate bronze to more simple hardwood. Keepsake jewelry is specially designed to hold a tiny amount of your loved ones cremated remains. Our keepsake jewelry consists of gold or silver cross necklaces, teardrop necklaces, heart necklaces and many other pieces.

Should your choice be to bury your loved ones cremated remains, we also offer a wide selection of cremation urn vaults. The Urn Vaults we offer range from decorative bronze, copper and stainless steel lined urn vaults to the simpler urn vault choices.

Our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to explain all of your options in selecting cremation merchandise.

Just a heartfelt thank you for your sincere care and kindness in helping us journey our Wife, Mom, and Grandmother home to the Lord. You made a difficult time much easier.