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Cremation Arrangements


Here at the Wroblewski Funeral Home, we offer a variety of cremation services. When considering cremation, one must fully understand that cremation is only a mode of final disposition of the body.  

So that one can have full knowledge of what occurs during cremation, please see the following explanation of the cremation process:


“Cremation is performed by placing the deceased in a casket or other container and then placing the casket or container into a cremation chamber, also known as a retort, where they are subjected to intense heat and flame.


Following cremation, the cremated remains are swept from the cremation chamber. Crematories make every effort to remove all of the cremated remains from the cremation chamber, but it is impossible to remove all of them, as some dust and other residue from the process are always left behind. Additionally, while every effort is made to avoid commingling, incidental commingling of small particles of cremated remains from the residue of previous cremations will certainly occur.


When cremated remains are removed from the cremation chamber, the skeletal remains often contain recognizable bone fragments. Therefore, the skeletal remains are mechanically pulverized. This process of crushing or grinding may cause incidental commingling of the remains with the residue from the processing of previously cremated remains. These granulated particles of unidentifiable dimensions will be virtually unrecognizable as human remains.”


Should it be your desire to choose cremation, our knowledgeable and expertly trained staff will gladly explain all of your options with cremation.

Just a heartfelt thank you for your sincere care and kindness in helping us journey our Wife, Mom, and Grandmother home to the Lord. You made a difficult time much easier.